TSR Xmas Tips








So Pete put me under the pump by saying we were going to give you some tips to stay awesome over the Christmas break. This lead me to do some research on what others have said.

I read advice like:


  • When you're at the Christmas smorgasbord, drink 3 glasses of water first. Then let everyone else choose, then drink again. Then choose your foods, think about your body building goals, and then eat. 

  • Don’t give in to romanticised bad food, I don’t , because I know I’ll feel bulky the next day. 

  • Think like a skinny person.

  • Look for low fat options.

  • Pay attention to the thin party goers - not the overweight ones.


So much crap! Some of the most useless information and unsustainable habit suggestions I’ve ever come across. I once had a mentor say “The fitness industry is an industry of eating disorders.” Well, the articles I read confirmed that. For the record, Paleo hasn't done much to help this. It's created it's own branch of problems. But it all comes down to this. People read snippets of what they think makes sense end up with people eating half a cow a day and living on coconut oil. Just eat fresh food people. Why is that so hard?

Everyone knows this period can be stressful and we all want the break that’s coming. The problem arises when people change their mentality to “I’m not paying for it, so ingest as much as possible”. You are the only one paying for it. No one else has to put up with your hangovers, unhappiness at the extra kilos, not being able to stick to your goals, the disappointment in not having enough will power to actually do what you want, and the irritation from having to “restart” ‘because I lost so much over my break’.


These are all basic errors in self parenting. We’ve all done it, and will probably do some of them again. The only thing that will stop you will be being clear on your values, knowing what you want and being REALLY clear on that, understanding that every action you take has a consequence (reward or otherwise), and being willing to accept what you bring upon yourself. You are responsible for you. 


My tips:


1. Drink water 20min before eating. Then eat before celebrating.


2. Balance your meals - you aren’t an Eskimo who can eat all the fat, you aren’t a Sth American Indian who can eat all the potato.


3. Bring your own dish. If unsure of what’s being served, offer to bring something you know you’ll eat.


4. Chew your food! Savour it.


5. Keep the veggie and salad content high.


6. Ignore the fo

od police and say no. The food police used to be people giving those who ate junk food a hard time because its was unhealthy. Now it seems the tables have turned and people who make options for health and well being, or just personal choice, get berated in some way. Stick to your guns.


7. Cave in at the IMPORTANT occasions - so that you’re able to contain the splurge, and don’t act like a deprived crazy. Allow yourself some freedom and actually stop to enjoy it, just get back to basic’s the next meal etc.


8. A glass of water for every drink.


9. Be realistic with yourself and your goals - so many say they want “x” but are only ever willing to do what’s required to have “y”. Stop tormenting yourself and make your mind up. What is actually more important to you? It’s “x” or “y”, which ever it is ACCEPT the consequences!


10. Move it or lose it. Training results drop quickly. If you don't want to feel like you're restarting, don’t stop!



Relax, have fun, just don’t blow your progress or force a 'new start’ because of a few sub-optimal decisions. This time is about spending time with those you really care for, for giving, for reflection and rejuvenation. 



Merry Christmas!


Stay awesome. And remember....