It’s often hard to believe the hero’s whom you watch and aspire to be like are not delving in to Performance Enhancing Drug’s (PED’s). When you have people like Lance Armstrong (a complete freak) destroying a field of other freaks, most of whom have tested positive at some stage, it makes it even harder. Was he that good? We now know not. I guess I’m saying if it seems too amazing, too good to be true, it probably is. Almost every sport has stories like this, and almost always it’s the poster athlete who is eventually caught. No sport is exempt, yes, even CrossFit. It’s not going away. People won’t stop training. People won’t stop dreaming. People won’t stop thinking their hero’s are amazing (PED’s or not), and rightly so. They are! Personally, it’s only the delusional attitude of those athletes who use, who walk around advertising results like “it’s all natural” and thinking they’re shit hot. At least Power Lifters admit it!

The best performers don’t thrash around like a dying beast trying to get their last few reps done. Form and pace is VERY consistent. This is as much an attitude as it is anything else. There is no reason why you shouldn’t look exactly the same. Strength and work capacity is relative. What we as lay people do that is different, is we let fatigue get the better of us. Fatigue should be used as an indicator to you to redirect your focus. When fatigued, you should think, “now is the time for an increased effort to pay attention, be precise, and dial up your intention”. So many people let their feelings of fatigue and their pain face drown them. Snap out of it! Focus on what you are doing.